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Work of Heart Sessions


I am a heart based photographer. 

That’s right I said HEART! 

I care about your relationships with self, family and your life partner. 

 I want to invite you to an photographic experience that will encourage you to deepen your family connection and bring awareness to the love, innocence & heartwarming fun that is in you. Life often can get busy and make us loose touch with what truly matters, our unique gifts and our connections with each other.


In my sessions with clients I gently walk you through each step of the way so you feel guided and cared for. The portrait session is experiential in nature, meaning I will ask your permission to get you to do all kinds of easy games or challenges that stimulate joy and intimacy. These invites will absolutely make you all laugh hysterically and some may even bring out some tears.  All in all, I promise to direct and craft moving and memorable portraits that are meant to leave an emotional and artistic imprint; reminding you of how unique and special you are to each other and to the world. The session is my gift to you, the art is your gift to yourself because you deserve it.


Work of Heart sessions are perfect but not limited to:

engagement sessions, individuals looking to reconnect with their inner beauty, new or longtime couples, families of all ages, mommy & child sessions, Father and child sessions, weddings, anniversaries. 


All sessions come as Collections including the session plus beautiful art products such as Luscious hand bound albums, silk boxes filled with matted portraits & complimentary digital files of every portrait you select.  You may choose to build your own package which is okay as well. Everyone is unique and has their own tastes so I invite you to choose what makes your heart sing.


Collections including the session start at $550 and include professional hair and makeup by my sweet artist Celica.


Please call or email me for more information 1-888-496-8973



The Last Time Poem read by Allison Cordner Photography who specializes in documenting children and families using photography and other art mediums. 438-496-8312





The Long artist statement:


English to follow

L'art de la photographie est de raconter une histoire en une seule image provocatrice. Je suis devenue fascinée par les yeux des gens et les expressions faciales à un jeune âge. J'ai adoré regarder des portraits réalisés par de célèbres peintres afin de comprendre leur manière de saisir l'essence de leur sujet. Ce sont ces sensibilités que j'apporte à mon travail. Je crois en la simplicité dans l’image et que les yeux sont les fenêtres de l'âme. Je veux que mes photos de vous et de votre famille aient une grande profondeur et vous soient d’une grande valeur.
J'ai un diplôme en photographie commerciale et ai pris de nombreux cours en photographie argentique noir et blanc, sur plaque humide (ferrotype) et en impression photographique. Mes photos sont actuellement affichées chez les particuliers et dans de nombreux bureaux à travers le Canada, les États-Unis, le Mexique et l'Europe. 438-496-8312 


The art of photography is telling a story in a single provocative image.
I became fascinated by people's eyes and facial expressions at a very early age. I loved looking at portraits done by famous painters to see how they captured the essence of that person.
These are the sensibilities that I bring to my work. I believe that less is more, and eyes are the windows to the soul. I want my photos of you and your family to have depth and lasting value. My commitment is to create a portrait that you will be proud to hang on your wall, and treasure for years to come.
I have a degree in commercial photography and have taken numerous courses in black and white film and wet plate (tintype) photography and printmaking. My photos are currently displayed in homes and offices throughout Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and Europe. 438-496-8312 

Since 2006 Allison Cordner has been redefining how family portraiture is seen and experienced in Quebec. Her philosophy of elevating portraits as art in the home; ‘Forever statement pieces’ that are meant to be kept for generations is her mission.

Allison’s strengths are working and relating to children and adults of all ages and dispositions and quickly. Not a single subject has been able to keep their guard up while exposed to Allison's seamless, jovial, energetic and accommodating attitude. Notably photographing the ‘un-photographable’ is a challenge she loves.

Furthermore, Allison has a unique ability to document innocence, purity and emotion between family members. This is a gift that has been developed over a decade through training and experience.  The essence of childhood with all of it’s quirks and fumbles is the story she would like to tell for you.

With advanced degrees and training in fine arts, photography and business, Allison is regularly asked to judge, mentor and speak at events. She has worked with the likes of former prime ministers Tony Blair & Jean Chretien; the late Jack Layton, the late conductor, Christopher Jackson who’s iconic portrait with a red pencil made headlines across the classical music and media streams with his passing. She has and continues to work with olympic athletes, artists, musicians, actors, doctors, lawyers and every trade under the sun. Her photography has received awards, has been published locally & internationally and proudly hangs in prestigious homes across the globe.